Leyparts Water Pump

  • Shaft surface is coated with cadmium for its acid passivity in order to avoid peel-off and rusting.
  • Automatic copying, turning lathes are used to ensure accuracy of diameters and their inter-relationship for increased bearing life through firm assembly.
  • Seating diameter is ground to close tolerances for better seating of seals so as to avoid leakages
  • Impeller is balanced so as to minimize bearing wear and prevent water seal dislocation.
  • Hub seating diameter is controlled to close limits for easy fitment and avoid slackness of key, which may damage key way on shaft, hub or impeller.
  • Inter related diameter are maintained to close tolerances for proper location of bearings,impeller,hub,seals,etc.
  • Oil seal rubber quality, outer and inner diameter and width are perfectly matched with the respective surface dimensions for proper sealing and longer life.
  • Water seal rubber quality and stainless steel spring ensure safety against corrosion and leakage.


  • Proper Pumping action for coolant flow.
  • No water seal dislocation.
  • Good corrosion resistance for longer life.
  • Apposite functioning without fouling.
  • Perfect sealing to avoid leakages.
  • Dynamically balanced impeller for minimum wear