Leyparts Thinwall Bearings

  • Automatic Analyzers are used to ensure precise material composition for backing steel as per design.
  • To have high melting point, resistance to wear and abrasion Copper-Lead-Tin is used for bearing material.
  • Uniform dispersion of lead matrix is done to ensure optimum bearing surface.
  • Just enough thickness of Lead-Tin or Lead-Indium overlay is provided to protect bearing material from corrosion and to embed the dirt particles during service.
  • Seating dia within +or- 0.0005" also checked for seating, ensuring maximum contact on parent bore without giving rise to high spots after assembly.
  • Lubricating hole and groove distance from axis and edge controlled within close limits to provide adequate oil film during service.


  • Adequate oil film formation for smooth operation.
  • Optimum mechanical strength and stiffness.
  • High corrosion, wear & abrasion resistance for longer service life.
  • Uniform dispersion of lead matrix for optimum surface.
  • Accurate seating for easy fitment