Leyparts Pistons

  • Dimensional accuracy ensures reliability,durability and perfect interchangeability.
  • Perfect micro structural composition of material ensures high ability to withstand thermal and mechanical stress.
  • Graded weight and optimized combustion. low fuel and oil consumption, mimimum blow-by.
  • Leyparts Rings

    • Tangential Load Tester ensures tangential load at requisite closed gap for low oil consumption.
    • Profile Projector ensures correct width, included angle and profile to control blow-by.
    • Ball Micrometer checks the radial thickness to ensure effective sealing.
    • Light Ray Ring gauge tester checks closed gap of ring and circumferential gap.This ensures low wear and hence high durability.


  • High wear resistance for longer life.
  • Uniform skirt clearance.
  • Efficient swirling for better combustion of fuel.
  • Low oil consumption.
  • Dimensional accuracy for durability, reliability & perfect interchangeability.
  • Minimum blow-by. Effective sealing