Leyparts King Pin Kit

  • King Pin material ensures high wear resistance, impact strength and fatigue strength.
  • High precision electronic measurements used for dimensional accuracy to avoid slackness and fouling with axle beam bore.
  • Extensive care is taken for machining of oil holes after heat treatment to avoid oil blockage in service and to avoid fatigue failures.
  • Bushes have adequate crushing strength and wear resistance and they are evaluated using ultra modern chemical, metallurgical testing equipments and analyzers.
  • Tie Rod End Kit

    • Ball pin contour is copy turned for accuracy.
    • Adequate hardness & toughness of the core ensures longer service life.
    • Precision ground tapered and spherical diameters provides for absence of slackness.
    • Phosphor-bronze inner and outer diameters have close contours to mate with the ball pin.
    • Thoroughly inspected springs help to keep the pin-die contact as desired.


  • Better stability and zero slackness in steering movement.
  • High fatigue strength and wear resistance for longer life.
  • Better impact strength to take on jerks & impact loads.
  • No driver and no steering wobble for comfortable driving