A product of our unique customer inspired solution (cis) process, the ashok leyland bulker evolved from Consumer insights to give you the solution you’ve been Looking for. Engineered to ensure safer operations And minimal wastage at lower operating costs, Ashok leyland’s bulker allows you to experience A ready-built vehicle that addresses every Consumer concern.

Feature Advantage
Discharge rate of 1 ton per min Quicker unloading of the cargo, enabling better turnaround time
Lower retention of material / cargo Full discharge without increase in dead weight ensuring longer use
Longer life of the aeration tube Reduced maintenance cost
Catwalk with hand railing Ensures safety of the operator
Single butterfly valve for unloading Ease of operation Low skill level required for operation
Relief valve Avoids build up of pressure and prevents causalities in case of blockage
Manufactured as per IS – 2825 1959 Class 3 Ensures safety
Optional fitment
  • Epoxy coating on inside of tank for better unloading through easy Rowability
  • Moisture filtration system — Air dryer
  • Ensures complete and easy discharge of material
  • Ensures moisture doesn’t enter the system and cause the cement inside the bulker to settle
Specifications Of The Bulker
Discharge Side and bottom discharge capable
Loading 2 X 450 mm dia hatches on top
Max. design
working pressure
165 – 180 kpa
Min. test pressure 248 – 270 kpa
Pressure gauge 100 mm dia 0 – 250 kpa
Relief valve A relief valve will be installed in the vessel in accordance with IS — 2526 Class 3 requirements
Aeration system Air slide fabric on alumimirm profile. Activated on compressed air
Discharge piper 125 mm 151
Electrical Two-pole 24 V wiring with suitable conduit piping with a 5-pin socket
Certification Indian Standard is 2825 1959 Class 3 as applicable to 1210 Class 3 unfired pressure vessels
Painting scheme Two coats of metal primers. The dry film thickness [OFT) will not be less than 30 microns.

Final two coats of not less than 40 microns (DFTI of enamel color paint will be applied. The inner surfaces of box sections will be cleaned and painted with zinc-rich epoxy primer
Specifications of the trailer
Main chassis 6 mm Flange / 6 mm Web / 12 mm Flange Ladder-type construction with cross member
Landing legs Heavy-duty, manually-operated parking legs
Axles Rockwell-type axles – Rectangular pressed casing,duly precision machined and heat treated
Suspension Tridem suspension — Heavy-duty, free-ended laminated leaf spring assemblies with ‘ll clamps and spring pads
Brakes The trailer will be Provided twin-line pneumatic double-circuit brake system
Tyres 11 x 20 / 10 x 20 – 16 ply
Electrical Two-pole 24 V wiring with suitable conduit piping with a 5-pin socket