Leyparts Hubs

  • The forgings and castings are tested for metallurgical quality and grain flow pattern.
  • Critical parameters controlled in the machining process are the radius of flange fillets, bearing bore diameter and its surface finish.
  • Sophisticated measuring instruments used to scrutinize wheel bolt hole dia & oil seal bore for dimensional accuracy.
  • The grease plug & gutter holes in the hub assembly provide adequate lubrication to the bearings.

    Leyparts Brake Drums

    • Optimum heat dissipation and high resistance to wear are primary characteristics adhered to.
    • Each drum is throughly examined for material durability & dimenisional accuracy.
    • Proper annealing of castings is done to relieve chilled spots which are responsible for wear properties.


  • Proven design specification.
  • High fatigue strength & endurance to road shocks for longer life.
  • Proper spread of bearings for uniform load sharing.
  • Optimum heat dissipation.
  • High resistance to wear during braking.
  • Resistance to wraping/buckling.
  • Optimum brake liner life