Leyparts Crown Wheel & Pinion

  • Forgings are done to exacting specifications set by Ashok Leyland.
  • Forged blanks are isothermally annealed at closely controlled temperatures to obtain uniform dimensions after heat treatment.
  • Uniform case hardening is done at controlled atmospheric temperature and press quenched to avoid distortion.
  • Selective case hardening is done to import maximum strength to the pinion to maximize wear resistance.
  • After hardening, the crown wheel & pinions are tempered to closely controlled temperature to remove thermal stresses.
  • The crown wheel and pinion are paired and checked for centralized tooth bearing and desired proximities.


  • Maximum impact strength and wear resistance.
  • Uniform load sharing between Crown & Pinion teeth.
  • Excellent heat distortion control.
  • Uniform metallurgical quality.
  • Noiseless & vibration free operation .
  • Optimal transmission efficiency.