Leyparts Clutch Plates

  • Co-efficient of friction,burst strength, specific gravity, wear properties are checked properly to avoid grab or slip in operation, easy disengagement, lesser wear & tear.
  • Hub spline hardness, case depth, squareness are checked with sophisticated metallurgical equipment to ensure easy clutch engagement.
  • Spring slot hardness and case depth are checked in sophisticated equipments to prevent premature failures and ensure long life.
  • Clutch plate damper springs are tested in endurance test rig for 100,000 cycles.
  • Springs are held in special spring plate with material of specified rating that provides requisite damping against torsional loads and vibrations to avoid ratting.


  • Easy & smooth clutch operation without any grab or slip.
  • Optimum hardness & case depth for longer life.
  • Good wear resistance & tensile strength for reliablity and durability.
  • Excellent quality frictional facing for efficient power transmission