Leyparts Brake Linings

  • Top priority given to safety while ensuring the performance factors recuired of brake linings.
  • Only top graded materials are used to make the linings reliable.
  • These brake linings have been developed after repetitive exhaustive experiments on the basis of various operational conditions experienced in the past.
  • Rigorous testing ensures that the highest standards are met in raw material selection, mixing quality.and all other areas of the manufacturing process.
  • Dynamometer testing of the finished product simulates a variety of braking conditions, proving prescribed design criteria for fade, recovery, noise, life, mating surface wear and stopping distance.


  • Optimum braking power for driving comfort.Reliable performance.
  • Smooth braking for comfortable operation.
  • Good drum fitting for easy fitment.Fade resistance.
  • Wear resistance for longer life.Noiseless and odourless braking