Leypart's BallRoller Bearings

  • Manufactured by using the most modern facilities.
  • Quality steel balls and rollers used for manufacturing these bearings on high precision lines equipped with high speed headers and electronically controlled flashing, grinding and lapping machines to ensure accuracies of micron levels.
  • special vacuum degassed bearing steel from the world's foremost steel makers,tested for itd exceptional fatigue strength, purity and suitability for heat treatment in strictly controlled conditions is used for manufacturing of the bearings.
  • the inner and outer rings for the bearings are machined from bars,tubes or forgings in multi spindle automatic lines.
  • The faces, outer diameters and bores are ground to the highest limits of accurarcy.
  • Bearings are finish ground and honed to precision on the latest computer controlled machines, installed in line automatic in-process and post-process gauging cycles with feedback corrections.


  • Superior quality steel balls and roller for strength & longer life.
  • Efficient power conservation for smooth operation.
  • Optimum lubricant efficiency for clean & low cost operation.
  • Standard & common sizes with preloadable design for ease of fitment.